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Hi, My name is Supinder Singh.

Life is Gigantic and it can teach a lot of things but on a promise. It expects us to be determined, open minded and sharp. 

As you are here to learn, I also expect the same things from you. Rest leave on me. We will grow better together.

If you are curious why a 19 year old kid is making this claim. Read my story here.

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Blueprint - What we will be doing basically?

I suppose that you are new to this website. So, will try to guide you in that sense.

Our life seems wonderful until a problem arises. In these situations, most people get into Extreme Panic Mode while others try to handle everything in a quite better way.

Surprisingly, these problems exists everywhere varying from one person to another acc. to their age group, sex(male/female) or geographical location.

Like a person who’s not in any relationship tries to get a partner. While somebody already in a relationship faces various issues with his/her spouse.

There is a wonderful quote by an Indian Saint to explain this.

I used to think that only my life has darkness and problems. But when I raised up and looked from a different perspective, I got to know that everybody is suffering from problems, sadness, and grief.

Sant Kabir.

Pardon me, this is not the exact translation but you will get the meaning behind these words.

Like everybody else, My life has also been full of problems and tensions. But I learned to cope with them in a really different manner.

I have an approach which has granted me enormous happiness and peace in my life. It is the reason that I stay Postive and Jolly all the time.

Now, you must be pondering about this Fantasised Approach.

Actually, our life should be based on two aspects – Material and Spiritual. Wait Wait, the word ‘Spiritual’ here is no way linked to any religion or something like that. So, even if you are an atheist or extremist, just keep reading.

So, For being the best of yourself, we need to work on both of these aspects.

Materials include things that can be destroyed. For Eg. Our body, Money, House, Car, etc. Working on the Materialistic Aspect will help you in becoming better at fulling your basic Necessities (like food and shelter).

Some people will question the relation of materials to happiness. So, just think on your own. For how long can a normal person stay happy without food, clothes, and shelter? Your basic needs must be fulfilled before growing any further.

Finally, moving on to the Spiritualistic Aspect. It has been well said that Materials alone can never calm your mind. People keep earning money the whole life but still, stay unhappy and sad.

So, this is the reason, we need to focus on this spiritual thing too. Calm Down! It is not as hard as it may seem. You are no way assumed to leave your house and start living in the Himalayas.

Simply put, Spiritualism is the art of Calming your Mind and getting control of your thought process. For this, we simply need to learn the way our thinking works.

Chill Dude! It won’t be a that big deal. You just need to focus and life will slowly start to move the way you want. I have improved my life in every possible way (i.e. Better Relationship, Career, Education, etc.) by implementing this approach. I hope it will help you too. 

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Now, finally move ahead and pick something that interests you.

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