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It was a fine evening. I was sitting with her at the Sukhna Lake’s shore. Surprisingly, from last few minutes, she was just silently looking at those Shivalik mountains.

Somebody was playing guitar nearby. A cool breeze was flowing. There were couples all around. The smell of white lilies was filling my nose like anything.

It took me a while to realize that in this romantic weather, she is stuck in some deep thought. Not able to control my urge, I asked her the reason.

She just said one thing, “Supinder, Why don’t you start writing again?” I got numb because I had no answer.

That’s it, Not a big story! I just love to write. My girlfriend motivated me and I also felt like sharing it with world. So started this blog.

No intentions of pursuing fame or money. I am a normal person who is here to just share his opinions thoughts and knowledge.

Hope you will have a good time around here… !

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