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Process Is The Punishment

Just a while ago, I read in the news that a Magistrate had granted 14-day judicial custody of Zubair (Alt News co-founder). He had been arrested for a tweet he posted around 2-3 years back. This got me thinking. Actually, a lot of people get arrested. An activist, named Teesta…

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2021 Written In A Creative Manner

My First Year at PUP

I have been a student of Punjabi University, Patiala for more than a year now. I am studying in the Department of Law. There is also a ‘Punjab School of Law’ within the University Premises. So, I don’t want you to get confused about that🐷. Whatever! It's almost the end…

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A Man Walking On An Empty Road With An Umbrella In Lazy Dribble

On Humility – It was a rainy day!

It's 8:04 pm on a rainy day. It's winter rain, you know! I spent most of the day in my room and went out only once, 10-15 minutes ago, to take a walk. By the way, today I watched two movies, back-to-back, one Punjabi and one English. I usually never…

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A Person Wearing Lawyer Coat

I am a Lawyer Now!

FYI, word 'Lawyer' covers Law Student😉. So, I had said that I will not jump ship, but I jumped (for context, read this). It has been more than a year since I am studying Law. What happened was, that while preparing for Civil Services Examination, I got introduced to a…

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I Study at Strike University!

It is close to a year since I joined Punjabi University for my legal education and at least 10 months since I started residing in the University Hostel. It is a State University. Based on my limited tenure as a student here, I recommend that the University’s name should surely…

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A Pomeranian Dog Standing In Bushes

Dogs are Love!

It was Feb 2020. COVID was still a largely unknown concept in India. I was sitting in my Study, and a thought struck me. Why don’t I have a dog? Yup! That was exactly when I decided to get a dog. I asked Akash (my flatmate) about it. He was…

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An Investigator Inspecting A Murdered Woman

What if Police arrests you for a Murder?

I hope that it never happens to you, but there is a chance that some murder happens around you & police arrest (and charge) you for that murder. This article is going to explain to you, what will happen to you?   Elements of a Crime For a successful conviction…

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Social Media and Conspiracy Theories

A decade back, when I was a little kid, the Internet wasn't as we know it today. There was this 2G but the download speed was just 10-15 KBps. So, it used to take me 4-5 minutes even to download a simple 2-3 MB audio song. Then in 2011-12, my…

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Lovers Sitting With Backs Joined

Why do we love?

Love can mean different things to different people. It can take the form of madness, happiness, grief, anger, or lust. Over the years, I have tried to come up with some objective criteria to understand it. Criteria to predict if a relationship would work out or not. Like, if a…

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