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An Investigator Inspecting A Murdered Woman

What if Police arrests you for a Murder?

I hope that it never happens to you, but there is a chance that some murder happens around you & police arrest (and charge) you for that murder. This article is going to explain to you, what will happen to you?   Elements of a Crime For a successful conviction…

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Social Media and Conspiracy Theories

A decade back, when I was a little kid, the Internet wasn't as we know it today. There was this 2G but the download speed was just 10-15 KBps. So, it used to take me 4-5 minutes even to download a simple 2-3 MB audio song. Then in 2011-12, my…

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Lovers Sitting With Backs Joined

Why do we love?

Love can mean different things to different people. It can take the form of madness, happiness, grief, anger, or lust. Over the years, I have tried to come up with some objective criteria to understand it. Criteria to predict if a relationship would work out or not. Like, if a…

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Sexual Underdevelopment Of A Society

A Sexually Underdeveloped Nation

There was a time in my life when I used to ponder about the purpose of my life, in fact, the purpose of humankind in general. Actually, I had just turned into an atheist. So, I was having a lot of questions. I even wrote an article on this topic…

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A Dead Person Lying In The Pool

Representing a Guilty Client

It was a good day for me today. I had gone to the District Court in the morning and got the opportunity to watch a ‘Witness Interrogation’. Actually, I have been following this case for the past few days. It's related to an alleged murder. The Defense counsel is like…

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A Lady Holding A Weighing Balance With Her Eyes Covered

Unbiased Decision Making in Judicial Systems

Humans have evolved from Chimps, that’s a fact that has been proved over and over again. From that, we may reach this assumption that we may still have some animal instincts or characteristics within us. But, normal humans don’t like to acknowledge that we are inherently just more sophisticated animals.…

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A Smartphone Showing Icons Of Big Social Media Platforms

Perils of Social Media

Although this article is about the perils of Social Media, let’s first list some of its benefits to the general public. For starters, it has decentralized the reporting of new incidents. Earlier, you had to stay dependent on Centralised Media Outlets to get news but now, that case has changed…

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Yellow Flower Placed On A Bench

Walking with my thoughts about Uncertainty

It has been a while, I have been struggling with so many uncertain factors in my life. I am just over 21 and I feel like I have understood the whole purpose of life. So, sometimes, I ponder, why is everyone doing whatever they are doing? It makes me intrigued…

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A Graph Going Upwards

8 Step Guide to Invest in Debt Funds

I started my Mutual Fund investment journey when I was 17 years old. I had some money and the Internet. So, I started looking beyond Bank Fixed Deposits. And, I found Franklin Templeton Ultra Short Term Fund. It was giving a steady 9% per annum return at that time. I…

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