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How does the compound effect work in your Success (or Failure)?

In this article, we will talk about the reaction of the compound effect which leads to our success or failure. It can be life transforming for you. Keep Reading.

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study related to habits

Habits are formed when you keep repeating the same things for a long period of time. Basically, the credit goes to the compound effect. You keep doing the same chore like watching YouTube videos, masturbating or something like that.

Then, after a while (depending on your behavior and personality), these chores become so engrossed in your life that it gets pretty hard to get rid of them.

There are two types of habits – Positive and Negative. Some habits like exercising, reading, listening, etc. can make a positive impact on the journey of your life whereas laziness, carelessness, living a virtual life, etc. can do the opposite impact.


Actually, most of us are resistant to any change in our lifestyle. So, with time, our decision system also starts acting in a way which supports our habits.

This results in a real problem. It makes impossible to leave bad habits and adopt good ones. Don’t believe me? Mark one of your habits today and see how your body forces you to keep living with that.

Actually, knowledge about this phenomenon does half of your job. Now, you just need to identify your bad habits and work to eradicate them from your life.

It will be hard because your own body is working against you. But still, nothing is impossible if you have the courage and determination.

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Life is about choices. Some we regret, Some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever. The message: We are what we chose to be.

Graham Brown

An effective decision maker can choose what’s good for him. These good choices will take you to a never-ending journey of success and happiness. Here, I am not talking about financial success or anything like that. It’s just about the success of living a happy life.

Actually, Life is the best example of averaging. No single decision destroys or dignifies you. Actually, it is the collective contribution (Compound Effect) of all your habits and choices which can take you to the desired destination.


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In one way or other, success and failure are choices. So, if you are lazy, careless or a shortcut loving person today then it won’t be the destiny which will make you poor, tomorrow.

Taking it all together. Your actions define your habits. Then, our habits control your decisions. And these decisions gradually make you a success or failure. Its the compounding effect working all the time in your life.

Whatever you are doing is being compounded and will decide your future.

Supinder Singh

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