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Process Is The Punishment

Just a while ago, I read in the news that a Magistrate had granted 14-day judicial custody of Zubair (Alt News co-founder). He had been arrested for a tweet he posted around 2-3 years back. This got me thinking. Actually, a lot of people get arrested. An activist, named Teesta…

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An Investigator Inspecting A Murdered Woman

What if Police arrests you for a Murder?

I hope that it never happens to you, but there is a chance that some murder happens around you & police arrest (and charge) you for that murder. This article is going to explain to you, what will happen to you?   Elements of a Crime For a successful conviction…

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A Dead Person Lying In The Pool

Representing a Guilty Client

It was a good day for me today. I had gone to the District Court in the morning and got the opportunity to watch a ‘Witness Interrogation’. Actually, I have been following this case for the past few days. It's related to an alleged murder. The Defense counsel is like…

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A Lady Holding A Weighing Balance With Her Eyes Covered

Unbiased Decision Making in Judicial Systems

Humans have evolved from Chimps, that’s a fact that has been proved over and over again. From that, we may reach this assumption that we may still have some animal instincts or characteristics within us. But, normal humans don’t like to acknowledge that we are inherently just more sophisticated animals.…

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