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Sexual Underdevelopment Of A Society

A Sexually Underdeveloped Nation

There was a time in my life when I used to ponder about the purpose of my life, in fact, the purpose of humankind in general. Actually, I had just turned into an atheist. So, I was having a lot of questions.

I even wrote an article on this topic and reached the conclusion that our ultimate purpose is to procreate and successfully raise our offspring. This would, in most cases, give us, a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

But, if we think deeply, during our day-to-day lives we don’t get an urge to produce children. The urge is actually of having sex.


Increasing Marriage Age

My Great-Grandfather had got married when he was 14-15 years old. My Grandfather had got married when he was 17-18. My Father had got married when he was 21.

I am 21 now and I honestly don’t have plans to get married for the next 3-4 years. So, I will most probably marry when I will be 24-25.

If you observe closely, then you might be able to notice that the Age of Marriage is on an upward trend in my family. This trend is actually not just limited to my family alone. Its the case for most Indian Households, especially in rural areas.


People Still need Sex

So, the Age of Marriage for most Indians is increasing, but it is an obvious fact that we still need to have sex. Its a necessity for most people upon attaining the age of puberty.

How would people satisfy their sexual desires if they are not gonna get married even after 7-8 of attainment of puberty?


Sexually Repressed Nature of Indian Society

If you have lived in India, then you know with almost complete certainty that Sex is Taboo here. Everybody haves it, but nobody actually likes talking about it directly.

The concept of Pre-marital sexual intercourse has zero chance of acceptance with most Indian parents. Even most of the porn websites have been banned in our country, leave alone the production of professional porn clips.

The virginity of the girl is considered really important. Premarital sex for a girl is an even bigger Taboo. In most rural India, it is considered to be a disgrace for parents if a girl engages in a romantic relationship with someone before marriage.


Calming the Sexual Passion

Even in such a sexually repressive environment, Unmarried Indians find out ways to get sexual pleasure. Some engage in relationships secretly. Others, gather the courage to face their parents & get into ‘comparatively open’ relationships.

Those who are left mostly resort to Masturbation and a little proportion opt for Prostitutes. In Urban Centers, the concept of Live-in Relationships has also picked up the pace.


Way Forward

In my view, it’s obvious from the Increasing Marriage Age that Indians would engage in more and more Premarital relationships. So, one of the best options for the parents who are stuck in this transformation would be to accept these relationships and hence, make the life of their kids easier. Also, parents should try to open up with their children about topics relating to Sex, Premarital Relationships, etc.

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