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Game of Life | Why you are unhappy?

Time is passing. From the day you were born to the day you are reading this, you have grown a lot (at least the body size). More time will pass and the growth will start halting. Your body will start a slow deteriorating walk towards the end of everything. One day the end will be reached and everything will be over. Yeah, literally everything. The last rites will be performed on your body as per your religion and the thing you have always claimed (your body), will be gone, mixed in the soil or any water stream.

Stay Away, You DEATH

Believe me or not but its that simple. Everything you are doing or not doing is taking you to that point when you will have no existence. Hehe! You are contributing to your own death, dude. And you know, the shit is, you can’t stop. Suppose if you think you will snooze your death by stop doing your regular activities. Sorry, you are wrong. That day will come even faster if you ever tried to stop doing whatever you are doing. So, basically, everything we do is to keep that date away as much as possible.

Deadly Question!

What is this crap? Why am I living & working so hard if, in the end, I will not be getting anything? Lad, You are completely correct in your thinking. Because even if we run a two-hour marathon, we do that for getting a sense of achievement which will stay in our and our colleague’s minds for quite a while. But, what will be the sanity of just running the race of life for the sake of completion, because, after the finish line of this marathon, you will not have even any sense of achievement because you will just be no more.

Ugly Truth

OK, I have told that life will be over one day and there will be nothing left for you after that. Actually, sir, this is not the problem. It’s the greatest truth which can’t be evaded. The main problem is we take the fact that life is a race too much literally. We just focus on the destination and don’t care about the path on which we are running. We don’t care about regular small pleasures for fulfilling big goals. Humans create their own milestones and put their everything later to achieve that. This destroys the quality of life we can live.


If you have given some consideration to the viewpoints I have written earlier in this article. Then, you must have got the idea that in the end, there will be no one who will award you for completing so many milestones. So, why are you just doing all this in the first place? There must be some solid reason, right! Yes, you may have some reasons. The type of reasons which even you don’t trust and they are coming up in your mind as merely a justification.


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My Views

It’s not wrong if we assume that you have never thought about life this way because it’s not the way we are taught to think or live by our parents or mentors. We are just passing through our lives. We all know that everybody dies but we never really consider that fact in our daily actions. It’s a very shocking and strange situation because of its directly related to our internal happiness.

Your Action

So, from tomorrow on, starting doing one new thing daily. Take a healthy approach to your life. You will die one day, sooner or later. So, don’t hurt anyone, Be calm, Love everyone, Express your feelings, Be generous, Be Spiritual. Learn to take the best out of the present moment.

Don’t focus too much on the plans. If you want, then plan in summary, not in detail. I can bet that this realization of death(and life) will change your life forever. Read more about this circle here.

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