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A Beautil Symbol Of Induction, Rubik Square

How a positive person can change your life?

Disclosure- This article is purely based on my beliefs. So please read it with that in mind. I am strictly against the type of claims made in this article. But, it has played an important role in giving me a happy life. That’s why sharing it with everyone here.

If you are from a science background, then you may have studied a phenomenon called the induction of charge. Let’s get into a little detail about that to better understand our topic.

scientific concept of transfer of charges

Let’s simplify the above diagram. Actually, two charges are involved here, positive and negative. When we take a charged rod near a neutral (something having no charge) sphere, this results in the production of some charges even in that neutral sphere without any physical contact. This process is called induction.

If you have an idea what is going on here, then take it like, the phenomenon which results in the transfer of charges even without any physical contact.

Use Your Brain

OK, it’s a science thing which can happen in the Physics laboratory. So, you must be thinking that how this is related to your happiness or life in general.

Actually, this phenomenon of induction even takes place in our daily lives. Everybody of us possesses some energies either positive or negative. When two people having opposite energies meet, the person having more stronger energy gets dominant on the other.

Real Life Example

This results in the transfer of the dominant person’s energy to another one. Like, sometimes we listen to a motivational speech and get a very positive while, many people start crying after watching a sad movie.

What plausible explanation can be given to this? Actually, the transfer keeps happening all the time. We just never feel it. If you are an introvert, then you may have experienced it some time, when you go between too many people who aren’t known to you.

Then, you can just get sad about your life in general. In those type of places, we just feel a ton of energies coming from all around.

Our body isn’t just able to handle that which results in our emotional breakdown. This all is temporary and gets fine after sometimes but it surely effects the quality of our life.


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You Can Try!

Listen, till now, your whole life, you weren’t just thinking about this aspect of life. So from now on, start acknowledging this induction of energies taking place all around you. Break your bubbles. This will help you to become a better human being for sure.

Along with this, proper organization is also important for a happy life. Read more about it here.

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