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A Man Holding A Phone With His Instagram Profile Open On It. He Is Trying To Get Famous On Instagram Like Us.

How to get Famous on Instagram for Free | Starting With 0 Followers

Glamour is everywhere. It just needs your eyes to be open and mind to be clear. Some think Hollywood is the ultimate destination while others stay happy just with their YouTube fans. These days, Instagram influencers are also on a rise. Actually, it’s not that surprising, because Instagram is just too popular among the masses. So today, we will discuss some solid tips and trips to get famous on Instagram for free.

There are many benefits of being famous on Instagram. Some people even earn their bread and butter on these platforms alone. Actually, they have a big fan following to whom they can promote their products and earn money. Yeah, it’s that simple. So, if they can do that, Why not you?

Set Your Expectations – Down to Earth

This is the most important part of the process. You can’t fly in the air while reading this because I am not gonna teach you some magic. The writer on this side is also a human being who eats, sleeps and walks normally like you. So, kindly don’t expect that we will provide you, 10,000 followers, overnight.

But, we have some secrets that will help you become a better Instagrammer overnight and then get those followers slowly. I believe that you will read this post with this in mind.

Moreover, the word ‘Famous’ can have various definitions. By ‘Being Famous’ on Instagram, I mean to get a good amount of followers. And with time, acquire authority to make people buy the stuff you sponsor.

Why do you want to get famous?

OK fine, I said that ‘Famous’ means to get more followers and attain an authority to market products. But, actually the word ‘Famous’ maybe something else for you. This ‘Something’ is also a necessary part of your journey on Instagram. You should know for sure why you want to be famous there.

This will help you from getting demotivated unnecessarily. Believe me or not but the social media world can isolate you from the real people. When you are trying to achieve something fruitful there, then it can get even tougher. That’s why you need to have a clear goal in your mind and know the reality – it won’t be that easy.

Basics of Getting Famous

Let’s begin at some of the most fundamental things you will need to do for becoming the next big gig. One thing worth noting is, your Instagram followers will just see what you wanna show. So, Without Wasting any time, let’s move to the real moat.

1. Good Display Picture

instagram profile of showing how to get famous

It’s equivalent to a joke if I mention this thing here. Everybody knows to use a good DP on their profile. But, just knowing something won’t make you famous on Instagram. You have to APPLY these tactics to get the most impact.

We, Humans, are beings of perception and biases. So, it’s best to discuss with a few other Instagrammers while deciding your DP. Take care of the background while clicking that. Be Professional. People relate it to a classy look and hence, more followers for you.

2. Unique Bio will Help

While researching this topic, I had interviewed an Instagram addict. She was a young girl. I asked, “What makes you instantly like someone on Instagram?” Her answer was quite surprising to me. She told, a good bio tells a lot about any person’s personality.

Instagram is Fake!

Pardon me, but I feel, this Instagram world is 90% fake. So, it’s not that bad to use some bluffs to attract followers. By the way, you won’t be cheating someone. It stays a fair tactic until you break certain limits and start hurting people.

If you are managing a personal Instagram handle then it won’t cost you anything to include your skills in the bio section. Make it seem professional. And this will move you a step forward on your journey to get famous on Instagram.

3. Post Regularly

A few weeks back, I was at a Science Conference to deliver my speech on the topic ‘Use of Social Media for Science Communication’. The host told Social Media is simply based on the concept of ‘What’s New’.

If that’s true then you must post your pictures and stories on a regular basis to keep your followers updated with the new happenings in your life. This actually helps in maintaining the reach of our posts.

What is ‘Reach’ on Instagram?

There is a pretty fancy algorithm that Instagram (and all other big social media platforms) employ to cater the best posts to our feed. In the process, Instagram filters the posts which don’t matter that much.

So, if you post infrequently then your followers may lose interest. And your posts will be filtered out more, reaching fewer people and later resulting in low like and comments count.

4. Introduce Decency in your Profile

A Quote from our Instagram Handle

It’s a good idea to make a schedule and then post according to that. You can even upload some quotes or a backdrop once in a while. It will provide a classic and decent look to your profile. Take my word, getting famous on Instagram is comparatively easier with it.

I personally don’t believe in editing a picture but you should do that before each upload. If you are using Instagram from a while then you know it better, our young generation doesn’t like ugly things.

5. Form a Strong Fictional Character

This is something you should always try to achieve. Take your Instagram Profile as a character you always wanted to be. And then work on it. You will understand me better once you start practically applying all this.

Why it matters so much?

I don’t know if there is some problem with my Instagram Feed or what! But, people who get the most followers are the ones who have a strong character in their Profile. This can be because a herd tends to follow the person who seems like a leader.

As I had stated earlier, you can easily make people seem whatever you want in this social media world. So to reach a conclusion, Let’s Summarize all the points. Have a Good DP, Unique Bio. Post frequently and Maintain a Decency in your uploads.

Do all this in a way that you form a strong character which is easy to follow. This way, you can get Famous on Instagram for free.

Keep this in Mind!

Someone can argue that his/her character is already strong enough. Actually, that doesn’t matter while working in the social world. Think of it, like a rebirth. You can crave your life as you want from the beginning. And all those silly followers will believe you.

Mentioning again, it won’t be bad until you personally hurt someone. Everybody (Hollywood Stars, Politicians, etc.) use this trick to increase their fan following.

Get Famous on Instagram – The Real Stuff

Whatever we have talked until now were the basics that you can find anywhere but now we will get into the ultimate part. Follow this religiously and nobody can stop you from getting famous on Instagram.

1. Increase the followers

Hihi, take it as a joke or something like that. But, this is it. Increase your Followers. But How? Keep using the Inorganic Route until you start getting people automatically on your profile. So, What is this Inorganic Route? If you have some bucks then it’s easy. Promote any post of yours by giving money to Instagram.

But, if you are like me(i.e. not wanna spend any money). Then tension not. There are some freeways available. First is to start following other people. I have personally experienced that around 20% of those people follow back.

You Shouldn’t Follow Everybody with closed eyes. There is a technique of doing this. We will talk about it in a while. The second way can be to use auto follower websites. If you have never heard about them then hold on. I will guide you. First, read through the next point.

2. Find Your Niche

Suppose, If you are a photographer then it will be best to have followers who praise and love your photography skills. Right? This applies to every field. So before focussing on directly increasing your follower count, find a niche. Niche is basically the area you belong to.

This will help in getting more products to sponsor later (and earn more money). Moreover, it will keep your post reach high. This means if your followers interact with your content then they will most likely see your post next time too (Instagram’s Algorithm).

This can happen only if your followers like the content that you post. So, it’s more than important to have followers who want to listen to you. A good way is to target the people who belong to your niche. This will help you get famous on Instagram more easily.

3. Use the ‘Unfollow’ App

‘Unfollow’ is an android application which will help in managing your followers more efficiently. You can download it here. For iOS users, there must be an alternative app that will serve almost the same purpose.

Android Users are lucky to have it because it’s just so easy to use. You can do a whole variety of things with it. So, how’s it gonna help you? This is the prime question. You can start by copying followers. It’s not magical. But, as I had said, around 20% of people follow back.

Follow those who Belong to your Niche!

Focussing on your Niche can help even more. I mean that you can follow people who already follow popular pages in your Niche. So, there are more chances that those people will be interested in your stuff.

No Rocket Science! In this app, just click on Copy Followers. And then type in a username to copy followers from. After a list of followers appears, simply click on the ‘Follow 50 Users’ button. Boom! It’s done.

You can repeat this every hour and around 10 times a day. That way, you will follow 500 people a day. If everything went fine then you can get 100 followers daily.

How it will help you?

Let’s be realistic, you will reach 10,000 counts in around 100 days. So, don’t fly buddy. Stay on Ground. But if you post good stuff then it won’t be that hard to start getting the organic followers (when people automatically follow you).

Keep in mind to unfollow people side by side. You will get around 20% to follow you back. So if you don’t unfollow the Non-Followers then your Following section will start looking ugly soon. For this, Tap on Non-Follow and then press ‘Unfollow 50 Users’. Yeah! It’s that easy.

its the unfollower page of unfollow app.

If you use this app properly then it won’t get you banned or hacked (the app has 1 million+ downloads and a 4.5 average rating on Play Store).

4. Auto Followers

I don’t advise to use them but you should know that they exist.

When I was in the 5th standard of School, Nobody knew about Facebook. Then it expanded so rapidly that today, it seems like a household name. In between, there came up some auto follower websites which provide free likes and followers. They exist even today.

How do they work?

These websites, work like exchange programs. They take control of your and thousands of other Instagram profiles. By control, I mean REAL control. They basically do so by making you enter your Instagram login details.

It’s all automatic. You put your login details. Then, the auto follower website uses your profile to like and follow other profiles. In exchange, you get likes and follows from profiles of other people who have no idea about your existence.

Why I don’t advice to use them?

So you may be having a question that why I don’t support this. Actually, this Instagram Auto Follower industry is full of spam. Even if you find a trustworthy site, there stay a chance of getting fake (robot) followers. They may Increase the follower count but won’t provide any real value to your profile.

Wanna try an Auto Follower?

If you are getting curious then perform a google search and try on your own. Just don’t risk your main profile. Make a new temporary account and use that.

This website was the top result on Google Search

The above image is just for demonstration purposes. These auto followers are always quite simple. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions and they do their job. Instagram is getting strict with this type of bot stuff these days.

So, beware if you ever think of using them. They may get you banned or deleted from Instagram. Now, think on your own. Can a banned or deleted account get famous on Instagram?


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5. Engage and Build a Community

In the words of a famous Social Media influencer, Instagram works best for the people who can build communities here. Actually, it’s not as hard as it sounds. You just simply need to interact with others.

Instagram has a beautiful commenting system. Use that quite often and try to write in an impressive way. Suppose, If you are commenting on a meme, then it will be best to keep some extra humor on hand. Just like this, You can use your brain and apply it as you want.

A comment on the Pic of a YouTube Influencer

How it will impact your growth?

In the starting, it doesn’t seem fruitful. But with time, as you learn to comment, you will start feeling its impact. Actually, by following other people you make sure that they know your existence.

Then by commenting on their posts, you make them feel somewhat special. This is like growing a tree. Slow but Powerful. I have experienced that when somebody unknown comments on our photo then we most likely to visit their profile.

As you have already brushed up your profile (by following those basic tips). So, now commenting on the people of your Niche can get visitors to your profile.

Rest it depends upon them to follow you or not. But, this can serve as a good add on when you have already reached the limit to follow people (50 per hour) on the ‘Unfollow’ App.

Final Words

I can keep adding words to this article because there is so much to learn in this Influencer industry. By the way, Its a business. And to get famous on Instagram is not a joke. So, take it seriously.

If you do all this in the right way then your journey will be comparatively easy. And there will be fewer hiccups. After starting off, you should focus on the content you post. From all the creators, I have listened this time and again that ‘Content is the King’.

Never Stop Learning.

So your Instagram is brushed up now. And hopefully getting famous on Instagram is not a long way now. How about making people fall in love with you? And impressing them like a Star. You can read this amazing guide to learn that.

Else, You can Read this beautiful story to feel how hard a breakup can be. We don’t post crap because we are too busy.

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