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An Organised Desk With A Journal And Flower On It

How to organize your life? (Easiest Way)

Keep a diary, and someday it’ll keep you. –  Mae West

There was a time when my life was very stuffed up. It was a tough time for me. I needed to organize everything. Even after doing all the stuff, I used to miss some important things. The relationship was also bad because we weren’t able to get hold of our time. There were problems all around. In this article, I will share with you, how I improved my life.

My Life = so busy and unorganized

I was trading actively (stock market). I had to go to the college daily for 6-7 hours. Moreover, my relationship was very time demanding. Weekends were filled up with excessive backtracking of my trade logs and making new strategies. This all had fed me up.

I wasn’t able to understand where my life is going. Actually, My life was always like this. Upside down. No free time at all. But, earlier I had a diary and I used to update that frequently. After getting into the trading world, I attempted the grave mistake to stop this diary writing.

Rehab – It was Easy.

road to recovery

At first, I didn’t felt any change but time made me realize it’s importance in having a calm & happy life. Honestly, it was time-consuming to sit and write everything which was happening in your life. This was the prime reason I had thrown it out of my life.

Now as I had realized the need to restart the diary writing. So I changed my perspective. I made some bold points and made a promise to myself that I will write 20-30 words for each point daily. In this way, it will consume just 10 minutes to the most. Believe me, this changed my life.

How? – In a Structured way.

It’s a technology first world. With some research, I found the best free alternative to my physical diary. It was OneNote. This helped me in getting a complete rebirth. It was hard to figure out the best way to cut the time spent in writing. Slowly, I got some bold points. They were:

1. Relationship – spent time? Fought?

2. Trading – emotional control. Wins / losses. Weekly situation.

3. College – assignments. Lab files. Tests.

4. What do I need to do tomorrow?

5. What I have done today?

6. Problems I faced today.

7. Solutions.

But writing in this structured manner, I was able to save myself from daydream distractions and write better.

a notebook with journal blocks and a pen


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Benefits of Organized Life

Doesn’t matter if your life isn’t packed like mine but keeping a journal can make you way more efficient. It will seem like a problem initially but will get easy and fun once you get habituated with it. Writing on a diary actually helps you feel your life as you pass through it. It makes you calmer, happier, livelier.

You can employ the language of your choice. It’s not an official document. Treat diary as your best friend. Share anything and everything with it. Love it, get angry with it. Make a new world for yourself to enjoy your life to the fullest. Ladies and gentlemen, This life is not a race. Live it to the fullest because you aren’t gonna life again.

Doesn’t matter how smart we are. Everything is stuck in the Game of Life. Read more about that here.

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