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Tips to live Stress Free

Stress itself is not a bad circle. It can often help us perform at our best, expand beyond our limits and achieve things that would otherwise astonish us. The real problem lies in the fact that in this age of global anxiety we do not get enough relief from stress.

1. Polish your Social Circle

Time to reevaluate your circle. I can write a complete article on this but in nutshell, there is one thing, keep it(circle) small. Your circle will definitely decrease in size but will increase in value. As Ruhani Sharma, a student from Kullu, says “The fewer people you chill with, the less bullshit you deal with.”

Make sure everbody in your boat is rowing, and not drilling holes when you’re not looking.

It’s not one day’s job to polish your circle. Take your time. For now, simply, keep the people who were with you when you were in a bad condition. Rest, time is a great thing. Just keep your eyes open towards making changes.

 2. Learn the art of not giving the f*ck

Stop Worrying about all that the things you have to do and Start Focussing on the things you want to do.

Nice quote! But, you can’t focus on your present state of mind. You care too much about others who don’t even give an f*ck to you. Learn from them. Never let others give you tension that is not worth it. Be a little hard towards life. You don’t need to prove anything to anybody. Live it in your own way.

3. BE READY for unexpected


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Any sad thing can happen anytime and these unexpected turns can leave you really disturbed. Suppose a person who is really close to you(maybe your mum, your wife, your gf) dies. It will most probably feel like the end of your life too to you. You will be broken down.

Life is actually like a roller coaster. Just handle every bump that comes your way. Hold on until it passes.

Life can be hard, People can be hard but remember, it goes on. You may be facing something worst now, but it’s for sure that you are not gonna keep on facing that worst whole of your life.

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4. Stay Motivated

You can easily walk through your whole life without any motivation but the cool thing is, Life becomes a ride when you are motivated.

Actually, everything in this world is interconnected. If you are motivated, then you will be able to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. When your dreams are fulfilled, you will automatically develop a positive attitude towards your life and this positive attitude will do the rest of the trick by keeping you happy.

Try it and you will notice the difference.

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