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7 Tips to keep your Relationship Healthy

Better to have lost and loved than to have never loved at all.

This is one of the most popular quotes in this world where people are beings of emotions, not logic. But, have you read this one also?

Whoever said it was better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all had obviously never felt this kind of pain and destruction of life that its loss leaves behind……

A bit confusing? Sorry to say in a hard way, but yes, Relationships are mostly complicated and confusing in this technological era. Actually, in fact, they(relationships) are never supposed to be this way. Love is a pure thing and its purity must be maintained, No matter whatever happens. Many True lovers really try to keep it going.

But, as we all know, Life is a path with lots of ups and downs. So, sometimes certain complications arise on their own without much of your involvement. Then, believe me, Stay Calm. We are here to help you. In the following few phrases, I will give you some really wonderful advice. So that you both can experience this moment together, someday.

an old couple sitting on the beach holding hands

Okay, tighten your seatbelts now and go ahead –

1. Never Fight

Sounds easy? But sadly, it’s not. Sometimes, even simple talks give birth to witty arguments. Yes, it happens. You probably may have experienced. To keep this tip simple, Avoid fights. Ignore his/her words when there is anger around.

Try it and you will find that when you don’t reciprocate the anger, He will cool down more easily. It’s not my philosophy but a proved psychological way. Even if you can’t stop fighting completely, consider decreasing the frequency of fights or arguments. Because anger really makes us say some things which we are never supposed to say to our partner.

2. Never Leave your partner

Got a partner with lots of flaws? It’s the same everywhere, friend. Nobody is perfect. The thing is, everybody seems perfect from a distance. If you ever think of leaving him for some better one, then please stop your imagination right there. He possible can have a way more faults than your present partner.

Relationships are more than just holding hands, the dates and kissing. It’s about accepting each other’s weirdness and flaws. It’s about seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

So, be wise and continue moving.

3. Never let your love fade

Keep your relationship always exciting with cute surprises and sweet gifts. Many People neglect this after being with their partner for some time. But, always, Look for ways to make him feel special. Give him/her your proper consideration and care.

Even, simple and less costly things can do wonder if love is involved. So, throw out those thoughts which are making you think that gifts need to be expensive. Just sprinkle some love when you give your partner any treat. Remember, it can really make the bond strong.

a teddy bear and some other gifts

4. Always trust your partner

The best proof of LOVE IS TRUST. 

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. So, always be careful with this aspect of your relationship. Your relationship can never dwindle if you guys trust each other.

Because trust comes with understanding and that understanding makes your relationship immortal. Trusting your partner blindly is an art which comes with consistency.

 Without trust, there’s no reason to continue.

5. Always respect your partner

If you can’t respect your partner, you can’t love her also. Respect increases trust and closeness b/w you two. Your partner becomes more comfortable while sharing his/her opinions or thoughts if she knows that you will respect them.

It removes any secrets that may develop b/w you in absence of respect. These secrets in the future can lead to a really unforgettable tragedy of your life. So, remember, ‘To Respect’ is a thumb rule.

Without respect, there is no love. 


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6. Never Let Your Past Come b/w your Present

a wonderful quoote about past

I think the above image is enough to say everything. Past is gone, friend. Focus on the future of your love. Past is not gonna return but remembering your partner’s wicked past frequently can spoil your present relationship.

There is no place for PAST in LOVE.

7. Communication

As we are heading to the end of this blog post, I want to tell you one secret of Healthy Relationships. Yes, Its COMMUNICATION. You can clear misconceptions, show your respect and trust, make him/her feel special and do a lot more just by being in a decent communication with your partner. On another side, bad communication can make you both suffer because this is the reason that in some relationships, simple talks give birth to witty arguments.

Without Communication, there is no Relationship.

8. Keep educating yourself

Improve yourself with time while being in the relationship. Continue getting educated and progressing towards your career goals. Because relationship alone is not enough. You will need money to feed you and your partner in the long-term. So, getting better is a really sane option. If you ignore this point, life will ignore you in the future.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading my first Blog Post. Please Give a thumbs up below if you liked the article. Also, share it with your loved ones to make their relationships long living and healthy(Don’t forget your partner). I will feel really appreciated if you take some time to give your views regarding the article in the comment box.

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