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How to Impress a Girl on Chat? | 15 Secrets that Work for Me always

When I was a teenager, I used to think How to impress a girl on chat. Then, I got some amazing tricks to make any girl fall in love with me. Actually, I was a simple and introvert person. So, talking face to face with girls was more than hard for me. This is the reason, chatting was the only resort to build relationships and have fun.

I have found a very common pattern that all girls don’t like to chat. So, it’s hard to impress everybody just by chatting on your smartphone. But, there are a few ways to build a powerful image or personality which will help you in getting the real bang on your side.

It will be better if you keep your expectations down to earth and not start daydreaming that by just reading this article, you will be a macho man. But, I can assure you that it’s quite easy to break the ice on social media rather than real meeting. The reason is simple. You can create a fake image of yourself.

But honestly, I don’t advice you to follow that path of acting fake just to impress a girl you are chatting with. A better option is to be true to yourself and go ahead. I hope you are already in contact with your girl through a chatting service (eg. WhatsApp, Messenger, etc).

Wait, Wait! First Read these Tips to Get Famous on Instagram. It will serve as a base for this article.

Then, without wasting any time, let’s move forward to the real content.

1. Keep her Entertained

Obviously, don’t be a joker. But, if she laughs with you then it largely increases the chance that she will keep talking with you more. So, the key point here is to keep the conversation moving forward by innovative methods. Yeah! Innovation helps even here.

Remember the “Being True” clause. Don’t forward google jokes. It’s always great to be personal. Tell her tales of your past. The way you used to cry while going to school. Your family trips. Some funny moments. Blah Blah! You can almost share anything that seems interesting.

Just never let the flow break. Keep a healthy conversation going whenever you guys are online together. Try to understand the way she reacts to your jokes. And then adjust them according to her response.

Sad people don’t talk too often. So make her happy.

Supinder Singh

Suppose she hadn’t laughed at your school joke. Just forget about that now. Something funny to you may not be fun for her. The entertainment part is the most important one if you are really concerned about keeping your chat sessions going or to impress a girl at all.

2. Share Your Secrets

Okay! you have understood what interests her and now its time to move forward in your strategy. Actually, entertainment is fine. Even a brother entertains his sister. So to avoid getting bro-zoned, it would be great if you start making a difference.

The best way I have found is to start with your secrets. Yes, everybody has some dirty secrets and it won’t be that odd to share them through a messaging service. It will make her even more interested in you. Try to keep neutral thing forward.

Don’t ever tell her that you like your Cousin. I am not joking. Inexperienced people often attempt this type of mistakes. You can make up something like. There was a haunted house in our society. My parents had restricted me from that place.

But I used to go with my friends there to play and once we had seen a ghost. And one of them was so scared that he pissed in his pants. Just Keep the logic simple. Increase the intimacy while keeping her interest on. It will automatically impress your girl slowly.

3. Get Personal to impress her

Jokes, done! Secrets, done! What if you are still a bro? Start the real process now. Till this point, you guys are known to each other quite well. She is interested in you. Else, you could have got blocked already.

So, start the soft part now. Give her clues that she matters for you more than anything else. Get quick to reply to her. Make her feel special. It’s ‘your do or die’ moment! Either its the time when you will get deleted from her contact list or she will add a heart emoji to your name.

This is a delicate phase because you need to adapt the way she responds. Look, earlier when you told her your secrets. Then it was no way absolutely necessary to know her secrets too. It was good enough if she was listening to you attentively.

But, when you start giving the direct clues that you are interested in her. Then, it becomes really necessary to judge her responses. If she changes the topic when you were trying to divert the chat towards “LOVE” stuff. Then, buddy, it’s a big RED FLAG. Slow down right there and rethink your strategy. Awkward things won’t help you to impress a girl on chat in any way.


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4. Share your Skills

If you are good at cooking, then boom! A Girl will love it if her boyfriend can cook for her. So, just analyze yourself and share the skills you feel the best with her.

Life is all about moving forward and having a good time. Girls focus on keeping this their prime goal. So, they seem to search for boys who are skilled and can help them in their future life.

a slicing table with a lot of vegetables and fruits on it

So, it won’t be a bad idea to even learn a few basic cooking recipes. I can bet you that along with impressing a girl, good cooking skills can even impress your empty tummy someday. Be creative, the skills are not just limited to cooking.

Expand the horizons. Consider mentioning the skills which are related to her personality too. It’s shouldn’t be just your thing at all. Ask her to share what are good skills according to her. This can easily help you impress a sincere girl.

5. Listen to her

A few months ago, I had attended a communication course and the instructor there told that listening is an active skill. And we need to listen willfully to really understand what’s being said.

So, how’s this really related to you in pursuit of impressing your dream girl? I agree that you will be more than attentive to all her messages. But many times, we humans miss the real meaning behind a message or a sentence.

By all this, I mean that you should obviously listen to what she is telling you directly. But also focus on the indirect signs she may be giving you. Beware here! a sign for you can be nothing for her. So, to impress a girl on chat, read what’s not being written and then act accordingly.

6. Keep Your Tone Polite

This is a point which most people miss and suffer later. Actually, normal girls dream of a guy who can keep her happy, fulfilled and content. And when you are chatting with her. Your words are the only medium with which you can convey your thoughts, concern and regards about her.

That’s why it’s extremely necessary to choose your words thoughtfully and not split some shit in any way. It stays valid even when you will graduate to the phone calls. Because words can prove to be the most powerful enemy or friend for you.

Whenever you think about sending a message, just remind yourself to add some extra pampering and love with your words. Emojis can do a good job here. But, consider not to use them too often because that can seem repetitive or crappy. Just Care for her. And sooner or later, she will be yours.

7. Talk about her Past

This one is important if you are serious about her. Because tomorrow, it can be hurting to discuss past relationships. So, it’s better if you guys share all this in the starting only. Rest just depends on probability. She may react positively or negatively.

Give her some time and space to open up about her past because it can be hard to share if her past relationships were not that great. This is also the point where you can analyze your chance with her.

I mean to say that if she seems attached and still in love with her ex. Then, pull your socks up buddy. It’s the best opportunity if handled properly. You will either make or break her heart.

8. Don’t Message too much

It’s simple. Don’t be that chewing gum which sticks on our shoes sometimes and then doesn’t leaves easily. Be nice and generous. Keep a standard and be classy. Even researchers have proved this that when we care too much then its impossible to get the same amount of care back from our partner (psychological stuff).

I can’t press this point more. In my own life, I have experimented that its better to chat less but do that properly. When we are just starting it out with somebody, it can seem cheap to get messages all the time from another person. So, stay in some limit.

The best way to make your message flow smooth is by implementing a timetable. Make some rules and never break them. If you have decided to chat 3 times a day, 20 minutes each then that’s it.

Force your brain to understand that and just stick like a chick. You can’t truly impress a girl on chat just by stalking. So, you surely need to employ plenty of tricks.

9. Increase Connection Points

If you guys are chatting on Instagram then its better to exchange phone numbers once there is enough introduction. Add her on Facebook and move towards a phone call oriented friendship.

Chatting is fine but if it’s not working for you then other social media platforms may work. So, don’t attach to the messaging platform if magic isn’t happening. If you have applied earlier tricks properly, then it will be easy to shift until this point.

Remember, she must have trust in you to happily exchange the mobile number. Doesn’t matters how much our societies have evolved. If you are making it on social media or any chatting platform then it’s still a red zone.

Diversify the connection points. It will help you to grab her attention and later aid to impress that girl on chat.

10. Change Your DP frequently

DP stands for Display Picture. It can seem childish to change the DP frequently. But it’s worth it. If you are chatting on an application like WhatsApp, then it can get hard to show her your pics until you guys are okay with direct exchange.

So better and most recognizable way is to use the DP. Actually, you can also possibly use the story(or status) to share the recent activities of your life. But, I have witnessed some really beautiful chats emerging from the DP’s. That’s why I am recommending it in the first place.

So, how to choose pics for the DP? The best way is to use the ones which will arouse interest in her. Make sure, to properly apply a filter if your looks are not that pleasant (no racism or anything like that. Sadly, its reality. People judge from the face.) So to impress a girl on chat. Employ this strategy.

11. Your Travel Stories

Most girls like the guys who have traveled a lot. The logic is simple. A traveler never bores you because he has always a ton of stuff to tell. This is the reason, people dream about traveling the world. They assume that it will provide them with real-life experiences. Suppose if you have never traveled out of your city. Just admit it.

a travel bag with a hat and some other things

Else, it can break her trust if she got to know about your bluffs later. Trust is really hard to reform. So, try not to break that in the first place. I suggest traveling a bit. Its life changing. You can learn a whole lot of new things and get to see places which are completely different than your hometown.

Just Keep improving yourself and after some time you will never ask someone “How to impress a girl on Chat?”. Wise people have said this from ages. The shine of the gold will attract jewelers. Aim for that shine.

12. Share Your Goals and Dreams

What will happen if a river stops flowing? Algae will grow in it and there will be contamination in the water. Same happens with humans. You stay fresh till the point you are moving on in your life. But, it gets stinky once you stop dreaming or setting goals.

In childhood, our parents act as a PA(Personal Assistant) and help us manage everything. They even set our goals at that time. Like, to get good grades in the class and stuff like that. But as we grow up, it changes. We are left on our own. Some people keep goal thing up and keep moving but others stop and start stinking.

This is a red flag. A smart girl can trace it. So, first set some goals and then share them with her. Why? It provides you credibility. If the girl you are focusing on wanna get serious then your goals can help her get on the track as soon as possible.

So, remember my words, if your girl is looking for a serious guy then prove to her that you are serious about life by sharing your dreams, goals, and aspirations in detail.

13. Respect a girl to impress her

No jokes here. It’s great if you guys make fun of each other. But, when it comes to serious things then slow down buddy. If she is sharing how her ex ditched her. Then be serious. I am really warning you here. It can get problematic if you don’t give attention.

The basic thing is that you need to respect her feelings and choices at least most of the time. Without respect, your friendship may break. I have discussed this respect thing in an earlier post also. Learn to observe things properly.

Sometimes you will be in a funny mood and she wouldn’t. But, sadly you can’t automatically get to know that in chat. So, try to notice it in the messages and then reply accordingly. This will present you as an understanding guy and help you easily impress a girl even on chat.

14. Follow her Likes and Dislikes

Okay, so our ultimate goal is to impress her. Right? Then it would be great if you know what she likes and dislikes. This can help you in planning surprises later. Suppose, you plan to arrange a surprise proposal party for her and order chocolate cake. Later you get to know that she hates chocolate.

It would be a flop surprise and a good waste of money. So if you already know her likes and dislikes then it can make it easy for you to impress her later during any parties or dates. Even while planning for small things, it can aid you in making the right selection.

Listen, her preferences are very important. She won’t adjust for you on the first day only. Later, when she gets in love with you then it will be comparatively easier to make her adjust and get some own space. Till then, keep your focus clear.

15. Make her feel Special

an impressed girl holding a heart shaped light

Actually, this is the point which can convert your friendship into a relationship. If she feels special with you then it’s possible that she will accept your proposal more probably. Rest, it depends on your luck.

You know her choice, preferences, feelings, past and everything. Its bang time now. Don’t hesitate in being bold. If you guys are really this much open with each other then give it a direction now. Take it one step further. For a starter, this point will take a while to come.

But, once you guys become good friends than love relationship won’t be that far. Just take all the clues together and start planning in pieces. Make a final strategy and execute it with her. This is the only way to really impress a girl on chat.

Bonus Tip: Wait for the Right Time

All this will be a big waste if you didn’t wait for the right time to make your final move. Of course, the final move is the formal proposal. Look! one of you needs to express to provide the much needed formal indication of relationship. But, it can’t happen as it is.

I suggest you wait for the perfect time, place and mood. Actually, there can’t be fixed interval after which you can make your move but there is a possibility that some thoughtful discussion with your heart can make it clear. Actually, your goal shouldn’t be to impress a girl on chat but you should try to explore her and choose her if she suits you.

Honestly, this is one of the most elaborated articles I have even written to date. I hope you loved it. As I had said in the starting. You can’t become a macho man by just reading this article. The practice is the key. Start testing these tactics from right this point and feel free to ask for any assistance in the comment box.

I think it would be wise to read this short story to get an idea of how mature relationships seem like. It won’t take more than 3-4 minutes.

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