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Why do breakups happen? | Relationship Advice

In this article, we will discuss some key factors which influence a breakup in any relationship. Keep Reading. You will enjoy it.

As elders say in my country, Relationships are like very thin threads. But, they do a tremendous job of keeping two individual souls together, tied with two knots. True Relationships are very hard to break but, sometimes, our silly actions can result in a situation which we hadn’t even thought about in the wildest of our dreams.

I guess that you are also in a relationship and maybe, facing something adverse that is making you read this. If it’s that, then THUMBS UP! You have landed on the right place. In the next few phrases, I will discuss some key reasons that result in the hardest and mostly final part of Modern day relationships, “The Breakup”.

Even if, you are not experiencing any issues, or you are not even in any relationship, this blog will help to give you some important information to tackle with such problems, if they ever arise. So, here we go.

1. Trust Issues

two handing joining to form the heart shape

Trust in Relationships is what underground pillars are to a building. It plays a vital role in the sustenance of a relationship. Most of the relationships break because partners have trust issues. You can never love a person until/unless you trust that person.

Thankfully, there is still enough trust in our love relationship. That’s why we enjoy even the simplest things.

Trust opens new windows in any relationship, leave apart GF – BF relationships. Even while being in a relationship and having sufficient transparency, partners possess suspicion towards each other’s activities. Unconsciously this slowly deteriorates the relationship and takes the pair towards a breakup.

2. Communication Issues

two persons communicating with each other

I think you must have faced this situation in your life at least once. COMMUNICATION PROBLEM. Believe me or not, but if you are having this issue, then I can bet your relationship will be going to over soon.

Communication is most important, buddy. Communication to a relationship is what the heart is to your body. Both can’t work at all if these constituents are absent. Partners can take care of each other, solve arguments and other issues by Good Communication.

Hence, a relationship isn’t possible without Regular Communication at all. So, a breakup is destined sooner or later. I think, there are plenty of good books out there related to this topic. You just should have the right reason and a possible solution will reach you.

3. Loss of Initial Spark

a couple sitting on a bench in the park

Remember, when your relationship has started in those days. There used to be lots of topics to talk about. You were a little flirt, kinda caring and a lot more loving. It was probably due to that Initial Spark. Whenever we start a relationship, there always exists this spark. This helps in the successful starting of that relationship.

It is almost a natural phenomenon. But, the thing is that we need to learn about moving with the relationship. Many times, after the start of the relationship, this initial spark loses somewhere. And the string holding that relationship also starts losing its strength taking it to a breakup.


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4. Financial Problems

a man showing an empty purse

It may sound a little weird to connect love with Money. But, this is one of the main factors that result in breakups of most matured relationships. When we grow up, our needs also increase and hence need for money is automatically initiated. Materialism can be a reason for this.

So, failing to meet the financial requirements in developed relationships can result in a really bad breakup. But, Good Financial Planning should ease the situation. Read about that later here.

5. Not getting what was expected

a human slipping from a ladder

This is a problem of modern-day relationships. People expect a lot from their partner and when their expectations are not fulfilled, it completely destroys their interest into the relationship.

This happens mostly in case of relationships which are influenced by social media. Partners expect their mates to possess the same coolness they see in the artificial social world. This just plainly spoils the essence of love and breakup stays the only option open for silly teenagers.

I think these are enough for now. Some tips to live happily can come handy in bad situations.

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