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Lovers Sitting With Backs Joined

Why do we love?

Love can mean different things to different people. It can take the form of madness, happiness, grief, anger, or lust. Over the years, I have tried to come up with some objective criteria to understand it. Criteria to predict if a relationship would work out or not. Like, if a girl or guy is cheating, What would be the signs? Stuff like this.

So, what did I found out? Honestly, not much. I have not been unable to find any objectivity in this ‘love’ thing. It’s a feeling. Remember it! LOVE IS A FEELING. It’s not milk or wine whose quality you can judge on the basis of some standard parameters.

We tried to document it but everybody’s documentation of their love was pretty much different. So, on a wider scale, I concluded that everybody feels it differently.


Emotional Rollercoaster

One common phenomenon that I observed in most of the documentations is that love can have enormous control over the person in love. This is especially true for the first-timers. It results in the ‘kill’ or ‘get-killed’ situations. There is this weird rush of hormones in your body.

It takes you on an emotional roller-coaster. You get happy, very happy, orgasmic, sad, very sad, happy, orgasmic, and very sad again. This keeps on going in turns till you learn to handle it.

Look, we can easily say that humans are smart beings. We are not idiots, at least in terms of our survival. But, love is something that can make you sacrifice, give up, or keep fighting till someone else kills you.

So, Why wasn’t it excluded from our system during the millions of years of evolution? Is it good for us? Is it necessary for survival?


My Theory

OK, I have come with my theory to explain this.

I basically think that Love is a design for humans to procreate successfully. When you really love your partner, there is quite a high probability that you won’t ditch him/her after satisfying your desire for having sexual intercourse.

This ‘not-ditching act’ could have very wide-ranging implications regarding the survival of your offspring (especially in the ancient past). Based on my observation from the Animal Planet and National Geographic Channel, in the forests, males usually leave their female counterparts after successful sexual intercourse.

When she gives birth, she is on her own. No family or ‘husband’ to help her. Due to this, many times, her offspring (s) face an unwanted death. I understand that this is the ‘Law of the Land’ but that’s unfair, right?

So, my basic proposition is that “Love makes us stick together”. The clear implication of this is that we can get through crisis situations more easily. This goes a step further when we consider relationships other than that of our ‘romantic lovers’.

Think about mom, dad, granny, and grandpa. They all love us. When we were born, they were always around to provide food and protection to us. Due to this, the probability of our survival and good upbringing was quite high.

In my concluding remark, I would assert that love isn’t as purposeless as it may seem sometimes when you are going through a rough patch. Just stick with it.

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