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Why i became an Atheist? | A Logical Explanation

Do you remember? when we were kids and used to read those Synonyms-Antonyms. I honestly was a fan of that section of every Language book. Why? Because they were quite easy to memorize. And Who doesn’t like to get some extra marks?

There always was a word – Atheist (Opposite of Believer) which I used to ridicule a lot in my mind. I was really young (around 10 years old) and was part of an active religious community.

Actually, everybody in my locality was a believer in God. So, this word “Atheist” was an alien thing for me. I had never met someone who called himself an atheist.

After reading about the meaning of being atheist, my mind always used to think – “How can someone disregard the presence of great almighty God?”

Till this point, I was never exposed to critical thinking or habit of questioning the cult. So, it wasn’t possible for a child to understand the bluff hidden in “the great almighty God”.

In the new few passages, I have elaborated the part of my life when I was a believer.


How strong believer was I?

My mom, dad, grandma, granddad, uncles, I mean literally everybody had taught me there is a god who has created us all. He is the one who controls and decides everything in our lives.

I used to believe them (as almost anybody will do in his 10’s). I did everything I was told. Going to some farm to worship an idol. Traveling hundreds of kilometers to pray at famous Religious Places. Blah Blah!

I used to fear so much from God. He was the biggest truth of life for me. I used to pray daily hoping to get good things. My condition was absolutely like any other believer.


My Obsession with God

Actually, one thing is that I have been always open to the concept of Religion. Being from a Sikh Family, I still used to have some interest in the Hinduism.


In my childhood, our TV was full of this kind of daily soaps. If you haven’t understood so far. Actually, the person flying on Lotus is depicting God and the other one holding his hands standing in bushes is praying to get God.

So, basically after he prays really hard, God appears and kind of grants his wish. These clips were enough to convince me as a 10-year-old.

I obviously wanted God to appear. So, I used to sit or stand in a variety of positions and pray for hours. But, sadly no god ever appeared.

This wasn’t actually enough to discourage me. I still kept trying to get God. Achieve that state where he can grant all my wishes (I wanted toys!).

So, this was my condition in childhood. It kept going for years. But then as I grew up, life started to teach me and my mind learned to question.


How I was forced to ditch the religion thing?

Actually, religion is just all about beliefs. You are supposed to believe a hell lot of things. This just never ends.

You are made to believe that there is a god. God has written some religious books which we need to follow to keep him happy.

These books are in Latin (not understandable by most humans). So, an expert translator (preacher) helps you receive those God’s Messages (which may get somewhat altered depending on the Preacher’s Knowledge).

Then you start believing in some rituals or traditions. And, Probability (chance) bounces in and you get sure that your beliefs are true.


The Change!

After this much, your thought process is completely aligned to always assume that God exists. Whatever you think, there will always be a reminder of God.

The more you think about God, the more you will get trapped. And, the more you will start fearing him.

Believers start finding innovative techniques to keep the god content. These pursuits are borderless.

This, in some cases, results in free community kitchens whereas on the other hand, can even lead to extremism (lynchings) or terrorism. The world has witnessed its evidence numerous times.

The biggest problem here is the role of Chance and Belief system. When you start believing things that can’t be logically proved and try to use the role of probability as a piece of evidence. Then, it impacts your whole life.

You become a thinker limited by boundaries of belief. I never wanted it to happen with me. So, I literally went on a search to confirm if God really exists.

Talking Logically, There is no God. You can’t build logical arguments in its favor (until and unless we assume religious books to be true).

On the other hand, taking God as a belief, I never am (or will be) able to prove or disapprove its existence.


Starting of Atheism

Let’s not boast for now that I have studied a lot of Science or Philosophy or Logic that made me disbelief in almighty God.

My Life in general also started showing me the truth once I grew a bit and gave my mind the liberty to think. It no way happened overnight.

After moving over the hardcore BELIEVER thing, I took plenty of time to move on or become better at reasoning.

Some of the best arguments I used to make against God (in my own mind) are:

  1. Why are there so many differences in different religions? (They have different theories, creators and what not!)
  2. Why people outside India have no idea about Indian Gods? (If God has existed in the past then why those people know only about the Jesus?)
  3. Why life is so much miserable if God is so great?
  4. Why God wants us to pray for everything? (Is he playing games with us?)
  5. Can god really get angry? (then, what’s the difference between humans and god if we both have the emotions?)

These are pretty basic questions which can come to anybody’s mind (even if he/she has never studied science/philosophy/logic). But, that mind needs to be open to new ideas and critical thinking, else these questions will automatically lose value.


Let’s Answer the Above Questions

Coming to the answers! Yeah, the questions I used to ask myself are not that hard. They are answerable but there’s a catch. Let’s try this.

1. Why are there so many differences in different religions? (They have different theories, creators and what not!)

Ans. That doesn’t matter. All the major religions believe in one god. Ignore the differences than just believe in what’s common between them.

2. Why people outside India have no idea about Indian Gods or vice versa? (If God has existed in the past then why those American people know only about the Jesus or Indians just know about our own gods?)

Ans. God sent different messengers to different places because the size of the earth is huge. This created different religions.

3. Why life is so much miserable if God is so great?

Ans. It’s God’s way of teaching us to live.

4. Why God wants us to pray for everything? (Is he playing games with us?)

Ans. God wants us to be liberal i.e. live on our own. But he thinks that if somebody is in a problem and there is no last resort. Then, we should pray and he will help.

5. Can god really get angry? (then, what’s the difference between humans and god if we both have the emotions?)

Ans. Humans have always done the opposite of God’s will. So, it’s okay if god gets angry on us.

Note: Actually, those Indian soaps used to depict this. I don’t know if a God has really got angry ever!


Short Conclusion

These are my answers to my own questions. I just took 3-4 minutes to make them up using my common sense. Somebody else may answer even better.

Even you can answer them in the comment box. But, the thing is, these GOD RELATED ANSWERS are still being provided by human beings. Let’s try to understand this in a bit detail below.


God Story

Suppose, we start talking about God. We both have never met him (or her) in person but have read his story through various religious books.

Preachers claim these books to be a perfect place if you want any questions related to God.


Considering the fact that different books point towards different directions. And, almost every religion consider their own book to be the supreme.

So, We will regard (for the situation’s sake) something to be true only if that’s common in all the religious books.

Now suppose you have got some questions about God’s personal life.

You ask – How does God think? (Is he a positive/negative or neutral thinker?)

And I answer your question by using my common sense.

My Answer – God never thinks in a negative way. He is a really positive person. He never thinks bad of us.

To some people, this answer may seem really genuine. But, But, It can never be considered valid.

Why? Because this answer hasn’t been answered by God. Its made up answer. I made it up for you.


Similarly, you can go to somebody else and he will make up a different answer for you to the same question. He too may seem genuine.

Now, even if you keep asking other questions out of our scope of knowledge. Someone (probably a Preacher) somehow will be able to answer those questions by using his common sense.

And that answer giver may even seem somewhat logical in his reasoning.

But, still, those answers have been made up for you. You never knew about God more than his CLAIMED STORY or CLEVER PREACHER could tell.

Even in other fields, like Science, Language, Geography, etc. How can someone answer your question out of mankind’s knowledge? Obviously, by lying or making up things.

It may sound confusing. But, there is a deep meaning in this. You can re-read the above little story for added clarity.


Why I don’t even trust the Religious Books?

I respect the Knowledge hidden in some of them. The kind of knowledge which can make you a happy, content person.

But, most of those books are just full of empty claims.

Somebody wrote his theories about ‘the eternal God’ in a book. And we humans, pitied by our want to know about some superpower, started following those theories.

This slowly strengthened the God notion. The God who destroyed some people completely and the One who took some people to his heaven.

Moving on.

Actually, This is the point I want to make a case of God thing. Day to day, we come up with thousands of questions about God and then look for answers here and there.

Most times, we found the required answers and idiotically start assuming those answers as truth.

Whereas in reality, you can never know the true answers until you meet God in person and ask him these questions.

Nobody has actually ever met him (or maybe will able to meet him in person).


The Common Sense Fallacy

So, the attempt to answer the above questions (related to God) will just show your common sense and knowledge of God Story (prevalent in your mind) but not the valid answers.

I hope you understood my point. Basically, it doesn’t matter how much we try! We can never be 100% sure about God story or its related answers.

This is the part where Religious Gurus play their game. As you really can’t disapprove a belief. It gives them Alma matter to make up their case.

At this point, I was left with two routes. As God’s existence or non-existence can’t be proved. So, you can choose to go with either one.

I didn’t want to be stuck in a rusty belief system that possibly won’t add Positivism in my life. So, I decided to get rid of it.

But, it wasn’t that easy. Thankfully, At last, SCIENCE helped.

Enough! Enough! Its time to move on now.



I THINK, in the past, religion was a way to answer questions like – How the earth was created? Why we live? What happens after death? etc.

Slowly, this shifted. Religions stayed the same. They just focused on believing in some sweet things and engaging a large number of followers.

But in a few centuries only, something called Science evolved which provides a much better way to answer most questions our minds have, that too with factual proofs (rather than lame beliefs).

Major questions answered by the science:

1. How the earth was created?

Ans. Big Bang. This answer is still evolving.

2. Why we live?

Ans. To reproduce. (from a single-celled E.coli to a complex Human, we live to reproduce)

3. How humans came into form?

Ans. Evolution (Evidence).

4. Is there an afterlife?

Ans. NO (Evidence).

These are just some rudimentary answers for the most basic questions related to our existence.

But, science has given answers to a million questions in a more logical and factual way than religion ever can.

The Mechanism of Science

I love this mechanism of science because it doesn’t give a heck to anybody’s beliefs.

It keeps evolving. Scientific Theories keep getting better with time as new discoveries are made and research is being done.

Science isn’t about just a single person’s inventions. Actually, you can replicate any result under appropriate conditions.

So, if I don’t believe somebody’s discovery is authentic then I can repeat the experiment in a laboratory and find the truth.

Best Accomplishment of Science is the eradication of Unethical beliefs. People used to believe in a ton of shits which have no logical basis and in turn, spoil the life of the believer.

Thankfully, Science has acted here and made those type of beliefs to run away.


Science Vs. Religion

It’s gross. Suppose you are comparing a fairy tale with Vampire Story.



Basically, Religions had come into form to fill the gap between intellectual life and meaningful life. They introduced the concept of god somewhere in the middle.

The biggest problem is that Humans are Okay with believing in God described by their religion. But mostly, they don’t follow the principles those religions mention along with. Else, life could have been completely different.


Dilemma in Religion

Look, Most major religions claim that there is an omnipotent, omnipresent God. Therefore, People happily accept this and start believing in it.

But, those same religions also claim that Alcohol Intake is Bad. Sadly, most people never follow this to not intake alcohol or drugs.

So, doesn’t matter whosoever had organized this idea of religion. It was a good thing but now humans have taken it to the stage where it does more damage than benefit.

Moreover, one problem that religions somehow advocate is superstitions. We, humans, have weaknesses. When this bluff of organized religion can’t give a solution to that weakness.

Then, people start moving towards the unorganized BABAS and GURUS which generally earn money by exploiting pity people on the name of God.

This all arises just because of the belief of God. Suppose if you don’t believe in God, then you don’t need to be tensed about a million things. Like the Ghosts, Sins, etc. I love this type of freshness.

At last, I don’t feel it OKAY to compare Science with Religion or vice versa. Because both of them are opposite sides of the coin. Religion is all about believing whereas Science is all about the facts.


Why I became an Atheist?

I honestly chose Science to get answers to my questions about our existence. I never found any meaning in the religion because the reasons stated here.

You can opt whatever you like. This will decide your future.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Either you will be a rational, practical and logical person OR Just a lame believer. Take your time.

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