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A Restaurant With A Woman With No Customers Due To Lockdown And Coronavirus

Life under Lockdown (COVID-19)

Instead of sharing my own little problems, I have tried to discuss the lockdown situation in perspective of people who aren't financially well off.
Two Sectarian Guys Carrying Another One On Stick

Sectarianism Decoded

Sectarianism is the tendency of a human being to consider his particular sect/religion/caste superior or different from others and undermine society as a whole.
Person Holding A Placard, Democracy Not Found

Thoughts about Modern Democracy

I was reading a history book of mine and found a great relevance b/w the ancient and modern system of living & administration.
Paintings Attached To A Wall With Brain Studies

Everything has more than one sides!

Life is complicated. We are stubborn animals. But, we still need to be empathetic and think about other's perspectives too because deciding on anything.
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